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Au revoir Sick Disco w/ Inkswel & Frank Booker
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Sick Disco
On Saturday 2nd May 2015, we're thrilled to have a certain
prolific Melbourne beat-maker & boogie don back to celebrate the release of his 'Super Foods Vol. 1' LP on BBE, but also, sadly, the end of something incredible.

It's difficult for us not to get teary-eyed and sentimental, and list off all the memorable moments and milestones of the amazing six-year journey that has been SICK DISCO.. but where would we even begin?! We remember those times and so do you, so instead we'll save the sappy stuff and do what we do best: a (final) throw-down.

So for one last time, come and get down with:

Inkswel (BBE Records / Hot Shot Sounds)
Frank Booker (Disco Deviance / Wonderful Noise)
The Quincy Heights Affair

$10 from 10PM

SD x